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An Important Message from Austin School of Fashion Design

Dear Students,

 I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new owner of Austin School of Fashion Design. Over the last several months the team at ASFD has been building on the foundation Mary Margaret Quadlander established to develop new, creative and challenging programs. Our new programs will equip students with a solid and extensive body of knowledge, and the ability to apply it successfully on their own.

 We are excited to now offer three specialized programs to help fashion design students attain their goals: the Certificate Program, the College Preparatory Program, and Specialty Courses.

 ASFD’s Fashion Design Certificate Program trains aspiring designers whose goal is to work as an independent designer with their own line, or to be a part of a design company. This program is comprised of 4 intensive 8 week courses: Garment Construction, Fashion Illustration, Pattern Development, and Design + Design Process.   We will hold the students to a high standard of quality work and comprehension in each of the 4 Program Courses, and students will complete homework and in-class assignments. A certificate is earned at the end of the program when he/she has passed each course and proved that they are competent in each field by demonstrating their ability to successfully apply their knowledge on their own. In addition to receiving a certificate, the passing student will be awarded a written letter of recommendation from ASFD.

 Next, we offer Specialty Courses that challenge and build on the students’ skillset. A sample of these courses include Japanese “Harajuku” fashion, Lingerie I & II, Vintage Hat making with an emphasis on hand sewing techniques and the “Coco Chanel” suit. Other courses will be announced throughout the year.

 In November 2014, we will offer a College Preparatory Program for students that need to develop a portfolio for admissions to a technical school or university. This course will help students develop the skills to put together an impressive portfolio, and will strengthen their chances to succeed in getting accepted to the college of their dreams.

 In each of these programs, students will be required to supply their own materials for all classes. A supplies list is provided and many items will be available for purchase at the school. Tuition has also been adjusted to reflect the quality and extensiveness of the new programs.

 I feel these changes provide a unique and empowering learning experience to Austin’s aspiring fashion designers. I look forward to your continued support.


Best regards,