"ASFD has not only introduced me to the world of fashion, but has also opened up so many doors.  Ilonka provided me with knowledge and information about fashion design that I will use throughout my career.  Lilia allowed me to develop my talent into skills that are valuable in the industry.   The instructors are so personable and relatable.  I feel that the school in general has cultivated my interest in fashion design and given me the potential to succeed in the industry."

-Tahiri Carrasco

"My daughter LOVES Mrs. Heidi's after school class and the feeling of accomplishment she gets from creating things with Mrs. Heidi in a way I haven't seen in her before. Mrs, Heidi has a gift for lighting her fire and I know that is no easy task! I cannot thank you enough for teaching these girls your gift and love for sewing and creating in a way I cannot. Mrs. Heidi is a treasure! Thank you!" - Krissy Amato


"I love this school. I learned everything I know about garment constructing, pattern making and technique here. I've been taking classes every now and then at the school and I like it because every time I come back there are new classes they offer. 
Everyone is so nice!! I really feel like I can ask anything and I love that if you're feeling stressed in the morning sometimes we just go get tacos. I have definitely learned a lot from this school!"
-Irela Casanova


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