The Coco Suit course focused on the classic two-pice skirt and jacket suit associated with the legendary Coco Chanel.  The final product included an open front jacket with matching skirt and lining.



  • For “The Coco Suit", Rosie Wednesday walked in her own two-piece custom-made suit lined with red silk and hemline with pearls, as a nod to CHANEL.



  • Princess Poodle (Hime Gyaru) pink and white dress with poodles
    • Inspiration: poodles
  • Antiqoo (Classic Country Lolita) bonnet with crocheted cape and flower print dress
    • Inspiration: countryside 
    • Kawaii Kupcake (Sweet Lolita) berries and desserts fuchsia and white dress
      • Inspiration: berries 
    • Ms. Kitty (Shidonori Hydrangea) pale lilac dress with white face paint
      • Inspiration: hydrangeas
    • Dydame Madame Mortician (Visual Kei) black insulated foam skirt and top with metal studs
      • Inspiration: metal


    Special thank you to Photography by BeatrizMariana Meredith SalonPriscilla Gallardo, and DJ Tropicana Joe for contributing their services and helping make our event spectacular!