Flat Pattern: Principles Part 1

pattern making basics.jpg
pattern making basics.jpg

Flat Pattern: Principles Part 1


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Flat Pattern: Principles Part 1 is a 24 hour class that meets twice a week, 3 hours a day for 4 weeks. 

Want to know how to make and manipulate your own
designs?  Join us in the Basics of Patternmaking: Flat Pattern.  This course is an intro to the Three Main Principles of Flat Pattern: Dart Manipulation, Added Fullness, and Contouring. Students will be given a set of full size slopers (the basic building blocks of patternmaking) that fit an industry standard model size that they will use to help them learn the principles. These skills will help students learn to make their own designs that include, but are not limited to, princess seams, A-line and circle skirts, low necklines, open backs, shirt collars, peter pan collars, bell sleeves, cap sleeves, etc.

PRE-REQUISITES:   While there won't be any actual sewing in this class, students need to come in with a basic understanding of how to read patterns, so students MUST have previously (and successfully) sewn at least four different garment designs. This is so students have a prior understanding of what patterns are and how to read them. Students MUST ALSO know how to read a ruler prior to coming to class. If a student has been found to not meet these prerequisites, they will be turned away from the course and refunded.


*A supplies list will be shared and discussed with each student the first day of class.

We'll answer any questions gladly. School's Director: ilonka.sp@austinschooloffashiondesign.com

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