J Fashion Workshop: Kawaii Skirt 

SEWING LEVEL: Beginner; open to all ages and sizes

WORKSHOP DATE: Saturday, April 18, 2015 from 1:00-4:00pm


WORKSHOP DETAILS: Japanese Fashion Series Workshop will focus on popular items of clothing used for many styles of dress in Japan. 

In the Kawaii Skirt Workshop, students will create their own custom pattern based on their body size.  The student will use their pattern to create a skirt with an elastic waist and straight stitched seams. Any desired trims (lace, beads, etc.) can be added to the skirt! 

Any sewing not completed in class must be completed by the student on their own.  Students are responsible for purchasing their own supplies.


  • ELASTIC (1 package of 1" wide waistband elastic; white is fine as it won't show)
  • FABRIC (cotton or cotton/poly blend; printed or solid woven fabrics; NO stretch fabric) Please see below for size chart:
    • Small 1 1/2 yds
    • Small 2 yds
    • Medium 2 1/2 yds
    • Large 3 yds
    • XLarge 3 1/2 yds
    • XXLarge 4 yds
  • THREAD (matching color)
  • TRIMS (lace, beads, etc. if desired)

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