This month we’re honored to feature one of our youngest students, Simone Kruger. Though she may be young, Simone’s spunky and bright personality is a pleasure to have in class. Her instructors agree that she always brings an open and eager attitude towards learning.

When I Grow Up

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Simone is currently in the 5th grade, but has already made plans for her future. When she grows up, Simone has aspirations to graduate from Yale University and become a doctor. However, her plans are not set in stone. She is also considering attending Parsons to study fashion design.

Nothing in Between

Her love for fashion began when she was around 7 years old when she first attended our Kid’s Summer Camp a few years back. Since then, she has devoted some of her spare time to refine her skills in our Kid’s Skills Building classes after school. Simone currently excels at math and measurements in class, and is even happy to extend a helping hand to her classmates. She takes pride in her work and takes her time to create quality pieces.

Simone draws much of her inspiration from the show, Project Runway. Her design aesthetic is also a reflection of her outgoing personality and grand ambitions. She is usually drawn towards outfits that have big and full skirts, like ball gowns. When it comes to colors, she prefers black. Simone states, “I like dark mysterious colors, or bright dramatic colors…I don’t like anything in between!”

What’s Next?

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While Simone doesn’t have a sewing machine at home, she is currently saving her birthday money to get one. She plans to continue her education in fashion design this summer by attending the Kid’s Summer Camp again. She also has plans to sign up for private lessons at ASFD so she can learn how to make a complementary top to a skirt she is making now.

Upon first glance, one would not expect so much spunk and sparkle to be contained in this one little girl. While the future can be most uncertain at times, we can all agree that Simone’s future will be nothing short of extraordinary in whatever career field or path she chooses to follow!

Sewing Student

Simone’s Favorite Fashion Things:

Favorite Color(s): black and dark purple

Favorite Pattern(s): tribal prints and polka dots

Favorite T.V. Designer: Candice Cuoco (Project Runway, Season 14)

Favorite garments sewn at ASFD: Pajamas and sundress