We are so proud of this month's STUDENT SPOTLIGHT, Katherine Peppas.  We dove in to find out more about Katherine's current projects as well as why she chose to join us at Austin School of Fashion Design! 

ASFD:  Why did you want to become a fashion designer/work in the fashion industry?

Katherine:  I like to work in fashion because it is wearable art. Clothing is something all people use to express facets of their personality and display their personal style. Making statements through clothing enhances a part of life that could otherwise be boring and allows for personal expression.

Katherine working hard on her pleats.

ASFD:  Why did you choose to attend classes at Austin School of Fashion Design?

Katherine:  I learned to sew at the age of six or seven and ASFD gave me the opportunity to continue that passion through the last decade.

ASFD:  What classes have you taken so far?

Katherine: Ten years ago I took beginners sewing and fashion illustration...these classes marked the start of my passion for fashion and for costuming. Now in high school, I have been the head costumer for over 10 productions, none of which I would have been able to achieve without the foundation of learning ASFD gave me.

ASFD: Are there any special projects or costumes you have been working on?

Katherine: I have recently been working on two pieces. The first one, a dress and mannequin, made to be shown together, play with the idea of models in the fashion industry. I created a mannequin that enhances the clothing as a model would, and a ballgown that complement[s] it. I also created a costume based on Tangled's character, Rapunzel. The dress and wig were created in the last few months.

Katherine's ballgown/mannequin project.

Katherine wearing her Rapunzel costume.

We are all so proud of Katherine's hard work and costume designs!  We look forward to seeing more of your designs in the future!

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